Instant Arch Pre Manufactured Archway Systems Instant Arch, reliable, pre-manufactured building product that comes in variety of sizes to provide your arch needs.
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Established in 1996, International PolyCraft Mfg. Ltd. is the most advanced, complete Composite-Polymer stream line manufacturing facility serving many industrial and markets. All of our products are engineered, designed and manufactured under one management.

We have a long history of innovation and dedication to making better products. Our product line was developed with one purpose in mind - it is the end users! All products manufactured by us are unique, innovative, and problem-solving in the market place, and provide tangible value to our customers. Whether you are manufacturers, distributors, professional contractors or do-it-yourself handy person, we are sure we will meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

We utilize leading edge technologies and state of the art equipment. This is why our products are not only superior in appearance but also in durability. Whether it is Instant Arch, Column's caps and bases, cushion products, archery targets, small watercraft or many more, they are all precisely engineered. Our products are manufactured for specific markets to serve specific applications or functions using custom blending materials for just those products.

Our strength comes from the fact that we have extensive materials behaviour, equipment and processing knowledge. Each of these has its benefits and limitations. By recognizing all of the above, we have worked with our materials and equipment suppliers and have developed products to suit our needs. This led us to inventing a new, cost effective, pre-manufactured archway system. It has proven to be the ultimate arch product in the market place today with every customer saying, "Is That It?".
        We Build One Archway...Yours!
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